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What IS Sorgae?

The word ‘sorgae’ is one of the many words in Vaska, the language to which Arduina introduced us. It is related to many other Vaska words: sorg, which means male Witch; sorga, female Witch; sorgitsa, plural for Witches; sorgitsak, a collective plural meaning The Witches as one thing, a whole. Sorgae is ‘what Witches do.’

This, obviously, includes a great many things, but technically it started as a very narrow path: that which Arduina recognized, the rituals, understandings, Deities, etc. which She brought to us. Sorgae began as Her religion.

However, Vaska is a conceptual, organic language. Attempting to translate it on a word-to-word basis limits and constrains the vast interweaving of meanings and understanding, though, of course, we’ve tried. Therefore, as Arduina’s understanding and acceptance of our ways of doing things (i.e. modern Pagan and Wiccan ways) expanded, so did the concept of ‘what Witches do.’ As any polytheistic system can and does absorb other paths, so did Sorgae.

To use an analogy, think of spirituality as a vine, and religion as a trellis. The vine will grow and thrive on its own, but a trellis gives it structure, form, and direction. At first, we thought Arduina’s Sorgae, ‘what Witches do,’ was a trellis, a specific set of beliefs and ways of Magick unique to Her, to the Ardennes. And at some point in Her history, it may have been. But as we researched to confirm the things we were being told, we discovered that Sorgae was a vine, a rich strand of interconnected concepts that wound through humanity itself. Therefore, we deduced that Sorgae can, and in fact has, come to manifest in countless forms; one vine, innumerable garden trellises.

Theology, religion, mythology, reality – these things are what the world is. Witches live in the world. Therefore, these things, too, are part of ‘what Witches do.’ The name we use for this path didn’t have to change because what we present here is still what Witches do.

Sorgae, therefore, is a path, an experience. Like the language Vaska, our experiences within this path have been organic and conceptual and are not easily put into an orderly framework. What we are presenting here is what we have learned so far, as best as we are able. We offer information about the Gods as we have encountered Them; our understanding of the Directions and Elements as used within the Sorgae path; the yearly cycle within the Sorgae path; the concept and nature of the Ages of the cosmos (this IS, after all, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius); the role of Familiars within this path. We also give a glossary of Vaska with our best attempt at translating the concepts, as well as such supporting research for our information and conclusions as we have been able to find.

We may someday include actual rituals using the elements within the Sorgae path on this site. For Sorgae is what Witches do, and we’re still Doing – and exploring and discovering and experiencing.[1]


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